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Best wireless mouse for this price if you use Microsoft Windows

A wireless mouse is a must have if you are planning to live a better wireless life. Even if you own a laptop, mouse may be required for many tasks as trackpad is only good for basic stuff. And if you are looking forward to buying a wireless mmouse, from a reputed, respected and well known brand, at a cheap price, this deal is for you.

Buy Microsoft M1000 Wireless Mouse worth Rs 899 for only Rs 395. Comes with a nano receiver, 1 Duracell AA battery and 2 Years Manufacturer warranty.


The Microsoft M1000 wireless mouse is compact and effective. This mouse will help you work faster and more conveniently. This wireless mouse prides itself on 1000 dpi movement and provides responsive cursor control. It is dynamically-adaptable . This mouse has long-lasting battery life and comes with battery backup of 10 months. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and has wireless coverage of up to 2.4GHz. This unique mouse will help you get best performance at just one click. Key


  • 1000 dpi with cursor control
  • Blue Track technology
  • Connection with up to 15 foot range
  • Comfort for right or left hand
  • Turns the mouse on and off

How to Buy Microsoft M1000 Wireless Mouse for Rs 394?Microsoft M1000 Wireless Mouse

  • Go to this link
  • Click on Add to Shopping Cart
  • Enter your pin code and Click on Submit
  • Once it accepts your pin code, on next page click on Proceed to payment
  • Complete checkout by making payment for your order

Best wireless mouse for this price if you use Microsoft Windows

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    gud one

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    is it brand new piece?

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