Buy White Coffee Mug worth INR 250 for Rs 105 from Zoomin


Zoomin, which does not need an introduction, is becoming increasingly popular and one of the best known services for photo printing across the country. The proof of their good quality of service and people’s trust in them is the number of likes that they have got on their Facebook page. Now they have got 50,000 likes on their page. It obviously calls for a celebration. So how they are celebrating it with their fans?

Zoomin giving away mugs worth Rs.250 in just Rs.49. When shipping charges and taxes are included, the amount becomes Rs.105.68.

Thanks to you we’ve reached 500,000 fans! To celebrate, we’ve launched a Facebook Fan Deal – Rs. 49 and Rs. 99 white photo mugs (MRP Rs. 250)! Claim as many Rs. 99 mugs as you want.

Why to buy:

  1. Technically you are saving Rs.145 per mug.
  2. Good opportunity for those who always wanted to get more than one mug printed and gift to others.
  3. Photographers can use this opportunity for advertising their pictures by giving away free mugs. The mugs are useful, so people will be delighted to take them too!
  4. Service of Zoomin needs no words of praise. It is obviously very genuine and popular for a good reason.

How to Buy White Coffee Mug worth INR 250 for Rs 105 from Zoomin?Customized White Coffee Mug Rs 105 Zoomin

  • Go to this link
  • Click on”Create” option for any mug
  • Login or Register. Upload your photos if required
  • Click on Next and customize your Coffee mug
  • Add to cart and use “FANMUG” as coupon code.
  • Make payment for the order.
Offer is valid only till 11:59 PM, 27 October 2012

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Valid for white coffee mug only
  2. Offer valid till Sunday 28, 11.59pm
  3. Limit one Rs 49 mug per customer
  4. No limit to the number of Rs 99 mugs
  5. Cannot be combined with other promotions
  6. Shipping & Taxes Apply

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  • sahibmeet singh

    very cool deal.. i love to have on of those in my kitty,,

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    good deal

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  • Indu

    thanku , I got a cute one

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