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Going in shopping malls and apparel stores these days, we wonder will we ever get clothes for a reasonable price? Let alone cheap prices. But here, now you are getting a great opportunity to buy good quality clothes in great price. The offer is here: a pair of clyde polo T-shirts just for Rs. 449.

And we have covered Clyde apparels before, Clyde Women 3 Legging Combo for Rs 349 and Clyde Tees for Men – 3 Tees Combo for Rs 349. Both got great response and was liked by our readers.

Why to buy?Clyde-Polo-Tees-Offer-SeventyMm 99 Options

  • Quality of T shirts is good enough. Does not seem like local T shirts with bad prints.
  • There are around 99 pairs to choose from.
  • Wide variety of colors, you will easily find one for your kind of personality
  • They are Polo T shirts, which are of minimum Rs.800 even after discounts in branded stores.
  • A T shirt for Rs.225 is not a bad buy

So what are you waiting for? Apply the coupon to get Rs.100 off on Rs.549 and buy two shirts for Rs.449.

How to buy Clyde Polo 2 T-Shirt Combo for Rs 449?

  • Go to this link
  • Choose any combo from the list.
  • Select your size
  • Add it to cart
  • Fill in your details.
  • On Order Review page, use Promo code “SUNDAY” to get additional Rs 100 off.
  • Make payment for your order
Product Description:

Here comes the perfect addition to your stylish wardrobe. These basic polo T-shirts in awesome shades from Clyde are sure to give you a sober yet trendy look during the hot and humid days. Pair them with jeans, cargo or a trouser and go ahead in a care-free attitude. Believe us, these t-shirts are sure to gather loads of compliments for your smart sense of style!

About Product:
Made from 100% cotton, these polo t-shirts are very comfortable to wear. The fabric doesn’t shrink when washed and the colors are too fast to fade away.

Author Bio: Prachi Jain, is a Blogger and a photographer. You can check out her work at

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