Cocktail Slot Machine – Win Free Goodies


Eros has launched a special Facebook application to promote their forthcoming movie Cocktail, which is releasing on July 13. The app is a simple Jackpot machine simulator and you need to try your luck by pulling the trigger. Good part? You can pull the trigger as many time as you want. So being lucky(atleast for this app) is only a matter of trying long enough, till you hit jackpot.

By hitting Jackpot, you can win yourself free goodies. They haven’t declared the prizes but it should be good ones.

How to enter ?Cocktail Jackpot Facebook Application Free Goodies

  • Visit Facebook application by clicking here.
  • Allow application access to your profile. (You can set visibility to “Only Me” and skip the option of giving application access to “Post on your behalf”)
  • Click on Trigger to pull it.
  • Keep pulling(clicking) till you hit the jackpot.
  • After you win, you will get an option to “Claim the Jackpot
  • Click on it and Fill in your details in the form. Click Submit.
Cocktail Jackpot Win Screenshot



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