CraftsVilla Rewards: Free Gift Coupons worth Rs 150, 500 and 1200


Craftsvilla-One of India’s Biggest Online Store for special Crafted Material. The product they provide are unique as well as of high quality. I have bought many purchases from them. Though prices might look little overpriced but they are surely worth it. And they run special promotions from time to time which allow you to try the quality of products.

They are running a special promotion on their Facebook page where you will have a chance of getting Gift vouchers by doing simple stuff such as Inviting Friends or tagging photos.

What you will get?

There are three gift vouchers to be won depending on points you accumulate.

  • Coupon 1- 500 Points=Rs. 150
  • Coupon 2- 1000 Points =Rs 500
  • Coupon 3- 2000 Points =Rs 1200



How to Earn points?
  • Go to Craftsvilla’s Facebook Application (“Like” the page first) – Click Here (or go to “Craftsvilla Rewards” tab on their page)
  • Register on the page using “Register” Button. It will ask for basic information, continue with them. (You will also get a Rs 250 voucher if you are a new customer, valid on minimum purchase of Rs 500)
  • You will see a Leader-board showing you leading point scorers. Beneath that you will have two options, “Invite friends” and “Tag friends”
  • Use the two options to earn points. Each Invitation earns you 5 points, every friend who joins using your recommendation will earn you 25 points. Each tag will earn you 10 points.
  • Earn minimum of 500 points to start redeeming your points. You can do that by choosing “Redeem my points option”
  • Not only that, you can win more vouchers by:
    1. The person at end of week 2 who has highest points gets an email with a Rs. 1000 voucher
    2. The person at the end of the month with highest points will get Rs 2000 voucher
    3. The person that reaches 15,000 points first,  gets Rs. 5000 voucher
I had good experience buying from them. Their Customer Support is real good and they have good collection of products. Tell us your reviews in comments below. You can also read my review for them here.

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