Free 2GB Pendrive : The Nano Expert Quiz


Here is a good chance to win yourself a Free 2Gb pendrive by just taking part in a small quiz run by Tata Nano Facebook Fan page.

Tata Nano Facebook page is running a “The Nano Expert” quiz wherein you are asked 10 questions related to Tata Nano. You get 60 seconds to answer the questions, by correctly answering 6 or more questions you will be eligible for a free 2gb pendrive.

Steps fo it

  • Go to this page and Click “Like” on Top.
  • Now you should be on Expert Quiz page, if not choose the same from left menu tab. Click on “Start Quiz”
  • Now you will be presented with a quiz, start answering question. (Keep retrying if your score is below 600, same questions get repeated always)
  • After you have atleast 600 score, Click on “Submit to Leaderboard”
  • Create an account on next step and wait for email from Tata Nano
  • Send in your details in required format and you are done.

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