Free Sample of Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Lotion from Nivia India


Few days ago we shared a free Sample Deal from Nivea, Free Sample of Nivea Whitening Deodorant and Armprint Tattoo, they are now offerring Free Sample of Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Lotion. You might have seen the product advertisement featuring Anushka Sharma. If you haven’t, Scroll down for youtube video of the ad.

NIVEA Whitening Cell Repair Lotion is enriched with 40x Vitamin C from super fruits Acerola Cherry & Camu Camu that works from deep within to repair accumulated, damaged, dull skin, layer by layer & boosts skin”s natural barrier to fight sun induced skin damage.

Further the formula is strengthened with NIVEA’s exclusive Hydra IQ that is based on the Nobel prize winning discovery of Aquaporins (skin’s own water channels), which reactivates the skin’s moisture network for instant hydration from within for more than 24 hours.

Its Advanced UVA & UVB filters ensure that your radiance is protected from both ageing & burning rays of the sun, which are known to cause skin darkening, uneveness & pigmentation

How to request for a Free Sample of Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Lotion?Free Sample of Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Lotion

  • Go to this link for Facebook tab or this link for their website.
  • Like the page if you are on tab.
  • Enter your details, name, phone no., email and postal address.
  • Click on Submit. (Change browser if submit button is not working)
  • Your free sample is on its way.

Credit: LifeStyleBlogIndia

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