Jaw Dropping Sale on Sandisk Pendrives 8 GB 189 | ShopClues


ShopClues and its amazing deals need no introduction to visitors of our site. They have been offerring many products at more than awesome prices in their 48 hours sale, Jaw dropping sale etc. The prices during their sales are always great and the feedback we get from our readers about them is good as well. So we try to cover as many deals from them as possible for us.

In today’s Jaw Dropping Sale ShopClues is offerring Sandisk Pendrives at great prices. You can get 8Gb for Rs 189, 16 Gb for Rs 329, 32 Gb for Rs 929. Price is included of shipping charges. And there are many other pendrives and card readers at great prices too.

How to buy?ShopClues Jaw Dropping Sale Sandisk Flash Drive

  • Go to this¬†link
  • Choose the product(s) you wish to buy
  • Add item(s) to cart.
  • Use coupon code SCPD99 for additional off.
  • Make payment

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