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We covered Rs 500 Off 1250 on myntra back in April and many users commented on post and Facebook saying they liked the deal. Well the offer is still available with coupon being for Rs 500 off 1500. Myntra is also running sale on Nike of upto 50%. 50% discount and extra discount using 500 Off 1500 coupon. Isn’t it like WOW? Yes, it is. Not to mention the quality of myntra, which is considered really good and they have good reputation in eCommerce segment. We highly recommend that you make use of the offer, till you can.

How to get it?Myntra-sale-on-Nike-Footwear

  • Go to this link and choose your footwear.
  • Select product(s) so that the total is Rs 1500 or more(you can add product from complete website, doesn’t have to be Nike only)
  • Add items to cart.
  • Now, go to this link.
  • Scroll down and click on “Connect with Facebook” button
  • In the pop-up window, click on Login with Facebook and give it required permissions.
  • Once the Login is successful, you will get 2 Rs 500 Off coupon. You can check them here under “My Coupons”
  • Go to your cart by clicking here
  • Fill in your address
  • On next Page you will have option to use coupon. Select any coupon from dropdown menu and Click Apply.
  • Make payment for remaining amount

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