Pay Re. 1 for a Durex Jeans (pack of 10) condoms | SnapDeal


SnapDeal has come up with a special offer for valentines day offerring Pack of 10 Durex Condoms for Rs 1. Gift your valentine safety.

Offer Details
  • Offer enables you to buy a Durex Jeans (pack of 10) condoms for Re. 1. Makes your Valentine’s that much more special!
The Fine Print
  • Taxes included
  • One purchase allowed per person
  • Cannot be redeemed with cash
  • Delivery within 4-5 business days
  • No shipping charges (100% off on shipping charges worth Rs. 40)

How to buy?

  • Click here to register or here to login.
  • Go to this link for deal.
  • Click on “Buy”
  • Enter your details.
  • Make the purchase for Rs 1.

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  • Ram Kumar

    nice pack of 10