Pay Rs 2013 for Rs 2500 PayTm Cash – New Year Recharge Offer


Wow! This is big. PayTm has finally came up with an offer which is great by all means. I have posted on their Facebook page wall and Twitter account asking for an offer on PayTm Cash, I even said that Mobikwik has offers on Mobikwik Wallet and PayTm should offer one as well. They kept on saying that one offer like that is coming soon. To be honest I wasn’t optimistic, but today they proved me wrong. Most of us are aware of PayTm cash and how it can be used on PayTm to make recharges for mobiles, data cards, DTH etc(can’t be used on postpaid bills though). I usually have a good amount in my PayTm cash and it really makes my recharges quick and easy.

UPDATED(December 27: 11:57 PM, Not very useful now):From now onwards, we’re tuning things down and changing the offer such that our in-house Santa converts Rs. 2013 of Paytm Cash to 2100!

I felt really good when I read about this offer from PayTm.

Get extra Paytm Cash in your virtual wallet this New Year! Yes, 2012 is coming to end and we have arranged one last special surprise for all of you before the new year kicks in. We’re upgrading your account with Paytm Cash –  the fastest way to make payments! If you add Rs. 2013 to your digital wallet, we make it Rs. 25002100.*

So all you need to do is recharge your PayTm Cash Wallet with Rs 2013 and see your amount getting transformed into Rs 2500 2100 as calendar changes to 2013. Avail PayTm ‘New Year’s Recharge’ offer!
How to Avail the New Year Offer from PayTm?paytm new year deal promo code 2013
  1. Login or Signup in your PayTm account.
  2. Add Rs. 2013 to your Paytm Cash before the New Year.
  3. On 4th January, PayTm will reward you with extra Paytm Cash and make it a total of Rs. 25002100!
  4. Do share this offer with your friends and spread the happiness

Note: The deal ends at 11.59pm on 31st December 2012.

Terms and Conditions:

* Except for users whose transactions seem suspicious or fraudulent to us. Paytm’s decision on this will be final & binding.

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  • Krishna Singh

    Good offer. Going to do it soon…!!!

    • Kiran

      No more a good offer friends. They reduced Rs.2500 to Rs.2100 for Rs.2013 recharge. :(

  • suresh


  • Sidharth Mehra

    Is it working for those user who already has a PayTM account?

    • SavingMore

      Yes but now you will only get Rs 2100 if you recharge with 2013

      • Sidharth Mehra

        that is worthless ….

      • Sidharth Mehra

        Could anyone here cease this offer?