Pin It: How Powerful Bulletin Board Sites Save You Big Cash


In 2012, Pinterest took the online community by storm, inspiring creativity for web users across the globe. Here, users converge to share ideas and find inspiration for everything from household projects to recipes to fashion and beauty look. As the site, now the third-largest social media website, continues to develop, so does its usefulness. Today, Pinterest and other bulletin board sites have the potential to help online shoppers find discounts, deals, coupon codes, and more to make their online shopping experience an easier–and more inexpensive–one. Find out how these powerful bulletin board sites can leave extra cash in your wallet.

Sales Alerts Straight to Your Bulletin Boards

You might pin the products that you love to your Pinterest boards, but now, you can find out when those products are on sale. By linking your Pinterest account with, you can receive sale alerts for every item you pin. As soon as that gorgeous necklace or perfect pair of heels goes on sale, Lyst will notify you so that you can snag that much-sought-after item at a lower price. Lyst monitors clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories from a range of designers, including DKNY, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. Thanks to Lyst, your Pinterest board that was once just a collection of your most-desired items can transform into a well-organized shopping wish list. Become a smart shopper by linking your Pinterest boards with Lyst to keep track of online sales and purchase items at the lowest possible price.

Organize Your Wish List

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, you can find comparable pin board websites that can simplify your online shopping experience. If your web browser is full of bookmarks for item after item on your wish list, you need a better organization tool. With Wantworthy, you can organize all of your online shopping finds from a variety of websites onto one page. When a price on your dream product changes, you will receive a sale alert, allowing you to jump on the product before it sells out. While your Wantworthy page is private, you can share your finds with your closest friends, who can comment on products, giving their virtual thumbs up or thumbs down on your most-sought-after items. You do not have time to monitor retail websites all day waiting for the price to drop. Let Wantworthy do the work, and your budget will benefit.

The Future of Pinboards and Online Shopping

Pinterest might have launched the online pin board craze, and other sites are sure to follow thanks to Pinterest’s immediate success. As this niche within social media continues to expand, online shoppers just like you are sure to benefit. Perhaps online retailers will incorporate such pin boards into their existing sites, allowing you to pin your favorite products and receive sale alerts on customized boards for their brand. Sale alerts could expand into price analyses, which show you when retailers drop prices based on historical data, telling you when to buy and when to wait for a price drop. With pin boards, sale alerts, and price analyses, you won’t risk purchasing an item only to see its price drop days later, a truly frustrating experience for any seasoned shopper.


Social media’s foray into online pin boards does more than just inspire your creativity. Sites such as Pinterest can make you a better informed online shopper, one who buys at the right time–and saves money as a result. By researching products and setting up sale alerts for your favorite brands on pin board sites, you are ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck every time you buy.

Kelly Rustin is a freelance writer and avid shopper. She loves hunting down bargains and sharing her experiences on shopping blogs. Find out about Cheap Sally Grocery Coupons.

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