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Fetise keeps on coming up with really good offers, it becomes irresistible using 500 Off 1000 coupon code from ICICI. We have shared many deals using the offer in past, like Bata Shoes at upto 75% off, and Branded perfumes at great discount with express shipping.

Today we present to you deal making use of same offer. Get Puma tees at (really) great price.

How to get the offer?Fetise Offer Puma ICCICI Bank

  • Go to this link.
  • Create an account
  • Go to “Activewear by Puma”
  • Choose any apparel from the list
  • Add items to cart so total is equal or more than Rs. 1000
  • Apply coupon code “OFICICICI01″ to get Rs 500 Off
  • Make Payment for your order.

Note: (We hate to say this, not really) The same code can be applied on any item.

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