SanDisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD Card (Class 10) at Rs 699 from Zoomin


Zoomin has always been fantastic for us. Their quality, be it for products or service has been really good. We have absolutely loved their photo products and when they recently started their Camera store, I helped a friend buy a camera from there at good price. He was really happy with their service as well, and they even offered extended service, photo combo offers and more.

They are offerring a great offer price on SanDisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD Card (Class 10), you can buy it for only Rs 699.

Expanded Storage and Fast Data Transfer Speeds

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, fast, reliable mobile data storage is more important than ever. SanDisk microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards deliver the speed and capacity you need to get the most out of your mobile devices. And with their NAND memory architecture and proven reliability, SanDisk microSD cards are an ideal choice for OEM applications.

Designed by the innovator of flash memory technology, SanDisk’s microSD cards boast fast data speeds and spacious capacities. Whether you’re a tablet enthusiast or a casual smartphone user, a SanDisk microSD card can take your mobile media experience to the next level. You’ll enjoy faster app performance, more responsive camera function, and smoother media playback.

SanDisk microSD cards also bring speed and expansive memory to enterprise and OEM designs. Ideal for embedded applications, these memory cards accelerate the performance of their host devices with an innovative, processor-based architecture. And because they’ve been tested against the most rigorous quality-assurance standards, SanDisk microSD cards deliver unbeatable reliability.

How to buy SanDisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD Card (Class 10) at Rs 699?Buy SanDisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD Card

  • Go to this link.
  • Click on Buy item option
  • Apply coupon code “SDCLASS10” to get additional off.
  • Create an account and complete purchase by making payment.

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