ShopClues Sale – ShedRain Nylon Umbrella at Rs. 99 Only


ShopClues Sales, well they are amazing. Be it One Day Sale(like this one), Jaw Dropping, Special Sale etc. We really like the price points at which they offer products, and for all.

Monsoon has reached many places, and will be reaching most others soon. In this kind of weather, one thing you need is umbrella(Even for those Bright Sunny days as well). You can get ShedRain Nylon Umbrella worth Rs 299 for Rs 99 only from ShopClues today, shipping included.

How to get your Umbrella?ShopClues ShedRain Nylon Umbrella

  • Go to this link
  • Add item(s) to cart.
  • Apply coupon “SCNU99” to get product for only Rs 99.
  • Make payment

Note: Offer valid till July 1 only


  • Finest available 190 thread count nylon canopy — water, bleed, and fade proof
  • Patented elastic shock-cord
  • A design original: a 7/8″ wide velcro closure system
  • Unmatched time and investment in research and development
  • Shaft & Runner – Exclusive Memory Rod Construction won’t crimp, rust, or bend out of shape. Proprietary Flexor Ribs™ spring back to their original shape
  • Lightning resistant double reinforced fiberglass shaft and frame construction
  • High impact joint connectors protect frame shape
  • Elastic shock-cord – Exclusive rust-proof ribs and duel spreaders
  • Patented wind pressure release expansion cord system goes with the flow to prevent tearing and leaking
  • Ferrule – Lightning resistant double reinforced fiberglass shaft and frame construction
  • Handle – High quality handle design in comfort grip rubber (shown)

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