Super Wednesday on December 12 – Google Great Online Shopping Festival


We are sure most of you have heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday being held in U.S. On this day the retailers from across the world offer mouth-watering, Jaw Dropping deals. Though the offer has been pretty successful in U.S. and other countries, it is still a pathless travelled in India. Majorly because of lack of communication between competitors, and lack of an Individual date for a Super offer. Though festivals like Diwali etc see online retailers offering great deals, the deals are separated and there is no one super reason for buyers to remain excited.

google-great-online-shopping-festival-indiaWell Google wants to change that this year. When Google call, everyone answer. So Google is planning to organize a Super Day for Shopping, similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in India. Date has been fixed and the list of participating retailers is out as well. Date is December 12. 12-12-12 makes it easy to remember.

We will be covering more details about the offers soon, till then keep checking SavingMore.In (bookmarking this page will help too). We will be covering more than just deals for you so do share our posts with your friends too. And enjoy the video.

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  • Naveen Jain

    wow !!

  • vivek singla

    eagerly waiting for this

  • Krishna Singh

    Waitng for 12-12-12