Upto 75% on Hosting – $1.95 for Domains – HostGator End of World Sale


Hostgator is undoubtedly the first name come to my mind when someone asks me for a suggestion on webhosting company. In business from years and trusted by most webmasters, Hostgator is among the top hosting companies across the world. And their top class international support staff has helped them stayed in top as well. Even we host this website on HostGator servers. Yes, we trust them. And they do provide shared, VPS as well as Dedicated hosting. Even WordPress special hosting as well.

They offered great discount of 50% on Black Friday and Cyber monday. We thought that we will have to wait for another year to get discount as great as that one. We were wrong. They have new discount now, and it is bigger and better. Yes…even beating out Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions last month!

This is offer details from Hostgator:

We will be running a 50% off promotion all day, with a couple hour window (late morning CDT – we’ll reveal the exact time later) of 75% OFF all web hosting plans. Domains will be $1.95 (including transfers) all day long.

The discount will apply to the first invoice/term the client selects. The sale will begin at midnight CDT Friday December 21st and run until 11:59 PM CDT December 21st.

How to get Upto 75% on Hosting and buy Domains for $1.95 ?hostgator end of the world sale december 21 promo code

  • Check time it must be 21 December according to CDT (past 11:30 AM in IST)
  • Go to this link.
  • Avail 50% discount or Keep checking for 75% discount
  • Choose any hosting plan.
  • Bonus: Domain registrations are $1.95 (including transfers)
  • Make payment using your Credit Card or PayPal account.

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  • Soum

    I would like to avail this offer. I need to create only one site expecting 1000 visitors at a time. Can you recommend a hosting plan? Thanks.

    • Soum

      I mean shared or VPS ?

      • http://savingmore.in/ SavingMore

        Shared should be fine for upto 1000 visitors. You can take Hatching plan if you are sure about having only a single domain, else Baby is recommended.

        Though I would recommend optimizing your website for resource usage so it runs faster. Shared hosting is fine for most websites (y)

        • Soum

          Thanks for the suggestion.
          I need only one domain, But the thing is resource. I wish to rum phpBB. Do you know any incidence there hostgator rejecting hosting service for high resource usage?

          • http://savingmore.in/ SavingMore

            I used to have a phpBB forum hosted on Hostgator back in 2010. I do get to like 2000 Registered users (visibility for set to Guest so less Registration). Used to get good traffic as well. Never got issues with resources. HostGator support was helpful too.

            Hostgator is among the best and first choice internationally so don’t worry about the quality of hosting. They won’t use any cheap tricks to make money & would have a solution :)

          • http://savingmore.in/ SavingMore

            Incase you are around & yet to buy than buy immediately. Currently discount offered is 75%. Just click link in post :-)

  • suresh