Yesterday, we shared an awesome offer which allowed you to get Rs 50 Off 150 coupon for only Rs 1(You could get upto 4 such coupon). Koovs has a big variety of products, already at good discount. You can get those products at really great prices by making use of our coupon deal.

In this post, we will talk about Adidas Dynamic Pulse Men Body Spraydeo(150 ml), but you can buy any product using same steps.

How to get it?Adidas Deo Cheap Price India

  • Go to our earlier post and get Rs 50 Off 150 coupon for Rs 1.
  • Now, go to deal page for the deo by clicking here.
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Use promo code you got from step 1. Apply it.
  • Make payment for Rs 110. (Total=111(1+160-50)
Adidas Promo Koovs Offer

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