So if you are not aware, GoDaddy is down, and it took many website down with it. You can just google about it to know more. More details can be read on CBS:

GoDaddy, the domain registrar and Web hosting company, experienced outages Monday, perhaps taking millions of websites down as a result.

Anyways. Problem for one big hosting company also brings on big smile to competitors. And things weren’t any different for this incidence either. Most web hosting companies jumped to take advantage of the situation and started giving lucrative offers. The best we could find is from one of the most trusted companies in web hosting business, Hostgator.

Sweeten the deal you say? Sure! How about up to the first 6 months free on new hosting accounts? Annual or longer billing cycles are currently 50% off. We’re also offering domain registrations for 50% off currently!! – Hostgator

So if you are a new customer of HostGatpr you can get 6 months of Webhosting for almost free ($0.01 to be precise). Or if you looking for Annual or longer cycle, including VPS or Dedicated Hosting, at amazing 50% Off. That is BIG saving!

How to get hosting for Almost Free or at Great Discount from HostGator?hostgator coupon code web hosting september

  • Go to this link.
  • Choose any hosting plan.
  • If you are going for shared hosting choose 6 months plan. Choose at-least an Year cycle for VPS or Dedicated hosting.
  • Bonus: Domain registrations are also at 50% Off.
  • Use coupon code from here.
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  • Make payment using your Credit Card or PayPal account.
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