We all need to keep on gifting things to or loved ones, or friends, colleagues etc. Now who has the time to think what should we gift? Even if we think about it, the receiver may not like the gift. But giving cash does not look good. So what is the other solution? It is gifting the vouchers. It is becoming a common practice now and people are happy with it. You are giving somebody paper money and they can buy whatever they want to, according to their own likes. Badhai.in is the website which offers you such vouchers.

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 This offer is being withdrawn from immediate effect due to the spurious activities and fake registrations. Current entries will be reviewed within a week and vouchers will be given only to the authentic users.

Updated on 25th October 2012, 11.04 AM [/box]

So what is the offer??

Get 10 of your Facebook friends to register on Badhai.in and get a voucher of Rs.500 for free. Yes, that means you are practically getting Rs.500 for free. Offer valid only till 31st October.

Why is it good?

  1. You do not have to spend any money to get something. You just have to ask 10 of your friends to register. You must be having more than 10 friends on facebook. Use your networking!
  2. The voucher can be exchanged for any voucher of flipkart, yebhi, pantaloons and many other brands. For the list you can checkout their website.
  3. More than one person can combine their vouchers to gift to one person. You can use the vouchers to utilise in a better way and save some real money.
  4. We personally love the concept of these vouchers. So we love to promote it! If you also like it, promote it! It is not costing you anything, rather giving something in return.

How to Invite your friends and get Rs 500 Gift Voucher? [unordered_list style=”tick”]Badhai facebook friend Invite Contest

  • Join Badhai.in using your Facebook Id. Use “Sign in or Sign Up using Facebook Button”
  • After logging in, choose “Invite Friends” option from top right hand side. Invite all your friends
  • As soon as your 10 friends join Badhai.in using their Facebook Id, you will get 500 Rs Badhai Gift Voucher.
  • You can check how many friends have joined using your referral by going here [/unordered_list]
Note: It is mandatory for you and your friends to join Badhai.in through Facebook, else the referral offer stands invalid.
[box type=”info”]Additionally, top 3 referrers will get Badhai vouchers of Rs.2000, 1500 and 1000 respectively in addition to the Rs.500 Badhai voucher.[/box]
Badhai Referral Offer facebook Invite

For detailed T&C, visit http://blog.badhai.in/refer-your-friends/