Give us a chance to introduce Goonj, the Indian NGO of the year! It is not only about finance, so we are not going to ask you to donate money. Goonj provides clothes and basic amenities to needy people all over the country. All we need from you is just a little effort and you will be a reason of somebody’s life going a bit better.

A brief about Goonj:goonj donate clothes for a social cause

Goonj was started in 1998, and is now active in 21 states of the country, getting support from around 300 volunteers and 150 other organizations. Till now thousands of tons of material have been delivered to the rural village. Their efforts have also helped in developing infrastructure of the villages (wells, bridges, roads). They are also providing income opportunities to the rural people. They have created over 2 million sanitary pads and quilts from waste clothes donated by people. They take care of environment as well, and creating things that will benefit not only people but also the environment.

What you can do:

The materials that are a waste for you, may be very helpful for the poor. It can be anything: clothes, stationery, containers, kitchenware etc. All you have to do is just check out the dropping center of Goonj on and drop in whatever you think is not useful to you. Even torn or repairable clothes are welcomed.

Apart from donating the stuff, you can also organize a collection camp in your area, company, school/colleges etc. and if you want, you are welcome to donate in monetary terms as well. You can choose your own way according to your wish.

For details of the functioning of the organization, please visit


[quote]Clothes donated by you can save somebody’s body from exposing to the environment, exposing to the public, and even dying from the chilly winters.[/quote]


[box type=”info”]Note: We are in no way affiliated to Goonj. This post is done only based upon personal opinions, to make people aware of an organization which we believe to be a good one. You should check and verify the details yourself.[/box]


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