Almonds are good for our health especially for our brain. We all know this fact. But how many of us eat them every day? Sure they are expensive too, but now you have the opportunity to buy some really good quality Kashmiri almonds without shell. The following is the deal:

50% off on pure Kashmiri almond kernals(without shell) on

They are pure Kashmiri almond kernals hyginecally packed and processed. Almonds are good source of vitamins, minerals and protiens. They are packed in two white tissue potli bags.

Why to buy:

  • Almonds are too good for health and a must eat everyday. And the one being offered in this deal are pure Kashmiri, considered to be the best ones.
  • People who are looking forward to buy almonds for distributing with a wedding invitation; it’s the best deal for them!
  • is a genuine website, having a good response. We have personally seen it growing in past one year and it is doing amazing with the help of its sellers.
  • Ordering at least one packet will not be of any harm. If you really liked the quality, you can order for more.
  • 50% is a big discount on a thing like dry fruits. This is one opportunity which literally should be grabbed.

How to buy Kashmiri Almond Kernals at 50% Off from Craftsvilla?Buy Original Kasmir Almonds Kernels Lowest Price India

  • Go to this link for 500gm or this link for 1000gm.
  • Choose the variant you wish to buy.
  • Click on Add to cart.
  • Checkout and complete purchase by making payment
  • You will receive your order soon


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