We have been sharing deals from Fashos from a long time now. Fashos recently revamped their website and we think the design is really good. Anyways, important part for you is that they are offerring Lotto Men’s Slippers worth Rs 299 for only Rs 99. Yes, you read it right. Add Rs 50 for shipping and the total you pay is Rs 149. 50% Off is not bad ? Right.

And lotto is a well known brand in India. Here is some more information for the brand

“Lotto is an Italian sports apparel manufacturer. In June 1999, the company was taken over by a group of local business people who were already very active in the sports area. The company was renamed Lotto Sport Italia, and its new owners focused on the brand’s strengths of dynamism, innovation, quality, Italian design, passion and an extremely effective customer service program. Lotto distributes its products in more than 70 countries through independent sports stores, specialty chain stores and large stores with sports departments. The company is pushing the development of corner and flagship stores, which are now widespread in Italy and in other countries.”

How to buy Lotto Omega Men Slippers for Rs 149 from Fashos?Fashos September Offer LOTTO OMEGA GP1023 GREY

  • Go to option1, option2 and option3
  • Choose any slippers that you would like to buy
  • Choose your size and click on Add to Cart
  • Make payment for your order.
Note: You need to pay Rs 50 as Shipping if you pay online, for COD shipping charges are Rs 100.