A Torch is something that has been used in every household from ages and will continue to be used. Though with advancement in technology and particularly the availability of Inverters, the usage has gone down for Torches, it can still be very useful. When inverter gets a problem, when you need to look below bed in dim light, point to a thing, give someone a signal, are few of the times when you will find it useful. Anyways for Rs 28, you shouldn’t think much before buying one.

The Starlite Torch from Nippo is the best emergency power option for every home/office. Working on two D size batteries, the torch operates with 3 LED bulbs and gives you bright light for convenient view. Comes in 4 different colours : Red, yellow, blue, and green. Available colour will be sent.

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How to Buy Nippo Starlite LED Torch for 28 from ShopClues Jaw Dropping Deal?Nippo Starlite LED Torch ShopClues

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Key Feature

  • Brand: Nippo

What’s in a Box (?)

  • You will receive: Nippo Starlite Torch